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Please complete the ACA Meeting Registration form below & submit by Friday 11 August 2020.

Many of you completed the form earlier this year, and may be wondering why we are repeating this process. Due to COVID and social distancing requirements, all ACA meetings have changed their meeting details, with some also changing contact details. 

Our Public Liability insurance requires us to keep an up-to-date record of all meetings. We also are building a more advanced search function into the new ACA website. For this to work effectively, we need to provide the web developers with an accurate meeting database including ZOOM links & passwords. 

Your privacy is important to us and contact details will only be used for ACA Intergroup communication and Public Liability Insurance. Meeting details are used for the website but contact details are kept separate. If you do not complete the Meeting Registration form, your meeting will not be listed on the ACA website, and will not covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

Please email info@acoasydney.com.au if you have any queries.