Intergroup – Sydney

June 2020

What a busy month! Intergroup Sydney, in collaboration with many ACA members around Australia have been working together to strengthen our wonderful fellowship and find new ways to carry the ACA recovery message. This month’s highlights include…

Unity Day – Sunday 19 July

The Unity Day committee has been hard at work organising the recovery event of 2020! Held via ZOOM, this all day event (with breaks) will feature seven speakers including our international guest speaker Sue V, live from Canada, as well as over four hours of sharing. With no registration fee, this invaluable recovery event is open to members worldwide.

Further event details including the program will be released over the coming weeks here and via the ACA Sydney newsletter. Please spread the word to other ACA members by sharing these details during the annoucement time in meetings.

World Service Fellowship & ‘Ready Set Go’ Workshops

The WSO representatives and Activities Coordinator are working with WSO to address worldwide issues of the high turnover of newcomers, members unable to find sponsors & having challenges in finishing the 12 steps.

The Ready Set Go workshops have been developed by WSO and they are in the process of training ACA respresentatives from around the world. These representatives will then be able to pass on these skills to local groups & members, so the Ready Set Go workshop can become an established recovery tool, helping newcomers & members work the 12 steps together. More details & information about these workshops will be released in August 2020.

ACA Phoneline

We are refocusing on getting an ACA phoneline established. We need members around Australia to fill the phoneline roster. Please email for further information.

COVID restrictions & meetings

As COVID restrictions ease, many groups are starting to consider how and when to resume in-person meetings. While all groups are autonomous, we have the following suggestions:

  • Each group contact the venue to find out anticipated reopening dates, distancing restrictions & any special requirements. In some instances, venues be required to request your group keep a record of the contact details of those attending the meeting in-person. If this is the case, check that your group is able to retain this information & only required to share with the venue in the event someone is diagnosed with COVID-19. This is to ensure that the we adhere to Tradition 12 > Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions.
  • Call a Group Conscience for discussion, voting & group decisions
  • Email changes to your meeting details so the website can be updated.

Some meetings have decided to remain online due to the ease of accessibility and increased participation (including members from around the world, members with children, those with mobility or distance restrictions, and for when members are unwell). Other groups are exploring the possibility of offering a mixed-platform meeting with attendance in person and online both available. While there are some technology challenges to address, holding a meeting that is both online & in-person options is feasible. We will keep you informed as groups begin to resolve these tech questions.

For a more detailed look at these highlights and more, click here to download the June 2020 Intergroup Sydney Minutes.