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1 – This online Shop is currently in test only, orders will not be filled.

2 – Message from our Literature Chair

Unfortunately the Big Red Book is OUT OF STOCK and we are currently still awaiting delivery from WSO in the States. We will keep you informed of the updates via the website, Facebook page and meetings.  Please place your order when stock is available.
There will be NO BACKORDERS.

The Big Red Book is available in Kindle or audio book online. Alternatively, WSO are now offering an e-book option from
You may also like try your local Library as some do have copies available to borrow.
Hopefully this can suffice until we receive delivery of the stock.

Apologies for any inconvenience and delay.

When we receive stock it will be announced here – check back soon!

The following books and pamphlets are also available for purchase at meetings.  The Big Red Book is also available in Kindle and Audible via Amazon.  For pamphlets in PDF format click here.


The Big Red Book


Yellow Workbook


Laundry List Workbook


Daily Reader

Pamphlets – 25 Questions

Pamphlets – ACA is…

Pamphlets – To The Beginner

Pamphlets – Sponsorship

Welcome Packs

Pamphlet – Meetings

Banner Set

NOTE: Shop is currently in testings – Orders will not be filled as yet – Please come back soon to order!